Student Insight System

Q-Ed is a modular SIS software that truly puts the student in the center. Transform your District or School Network from a Student Information System to a Student Insight System with Q-Ed.



Support all your everyday tasks. Planning, grading, contact points, report cards, schedule, progress tracking, individualized learning plans, communication, …


Remain informed and engage in your child’s education. Teacher communication, report cards, grades, schedule parent teacher conference, …


The central point of insight gathering. Calendar, portfolio, teacher communication, grades, …


Modular solutions with strong integration capabilities, secure hosting, open API interface and highest security standards that complies with stringent IT standards.


Simply admin and have information at the tip of your fingers. Student info, attendance, collections, class overviews, insight, compare and analyse.


The extensive possibilities of Q-Ed in combination with their expert explanation of the training ensured that we drove home with many new ideas and a desire to further develop the use of Q-Ed within the school.

Loïc Hustinx Teacher and ICT-coordinator, Koekelare

Used on a daily basis by over 40,000 teachers.

Tools dedicated to simplify your daily activities

200,000 families engaged and counting

Parental engagement is critical in the success of a students education.

Data of 300,000 students protected at all times

Retaining student data is crucial but needs to be protected for abuse.

Student Insight System defined

Make the student central to your school. Get a 360° view on each student from a learning and wellbeing perspective.

Provide teachers and care providers the insights and tools needed to effectively improve student performance. Out of the box assessments for teachers to evaluate cognitive, social and behavioral aspects of students that are age specific.

Suggestions and handy tools for teachers to provide remediative support to individual students. Class and grade dashboards that provide crucial insights to both teachers and administrators. Seamlessly integrated with other modules like grade book, communication tools, calendar, administration, …

Student self assessment tools and so much more.

Building blocks

Student information

Unlike in a traditional MIS system, the student in information our SIS is specifically focused on insights for the pedagogic team.

The module integrates with most common MIS systems to avoid duplication and re-entry of information. Every school van configure what student information will be stored and who has access to the information.

Socio Emotional Skills

Q-Ed SIS provides the framework for schools to track and support teachers and students to develop socio-emotional skills.

We centralize the tracking of non-cognitive abilities to ensure that teachers, parents, and administrators can easily access and analyze data related to non-cognitive skills.

Grade managment and report cards

A central grade book that integrates with LMS systems based on global standards.

Tracks and manage student grades, transcripts, and academic performance. Elaborated capabilities to create and share report cards that are informative and inspiring for both the parents and the student.

Student care and intervention

The teaching and intervention team can plan, collaborate and track progress of a students intervention. The platform contains pre-defined intervention strategies for common issues.

Lesson planning and calendar management

Q-Ed allows to define curriculum standards and learning paths that are specific for your school district or school network. The teachers can schedule lessons according to the curriculum standards and track in a systemic way that the entire curriculum is sufficiently covered.

Lessons schedules are easily added to the calendar and shared. Also non-curriculum related activities can be scheduled and shared in groups of students, teachers or parents.

Student Portfolio

Manage and organize student portfolio documents in a student friendly manner. Share with teachers or parents and make it fun to interact with.

Single sign on (SSO) and roster synchronization

Q-Ed is the glue between your applications. Delegate authentication and security to Q-Ed for a secure and more seamless experience.

Roster information is synched between your administration platform and your other educational software applications


Drive family engagement through parent and student communication easily integrated in the teachers portal.

Opt either for group communication or individual messages. Easy for either classroom communication and school/district messaging.

Included features are amongst others notifications for highly important messages, events announcements with link to calendar and a convenient tool to schedule parent teacher conferences.

Mobile app for student, parent and teacher.

Reporting and analytics

Standard reports are available for teachers, the pedagogic team and administrators.

Specific analytics on student performance, attendance, and other relevant metrics to aid decision-making can be configured and made available in an easy way to the relevant users.

Mobile accessibility

Provides mobile-friendly interfaces or dedicated mobile apps for students, teachers, and parents to access information on the go.


An integration module allows for integration with other institutional systems such as Learning Management Systems (LMS), library systems, and finance systems for seamless information flow, SSO and Roster synchronization

Bespoke development

Our team of software developers have years of expertise developing software for schools and districts. Our framework allows efficient development of bespoke modules that are specific for your needs and integrate seamlessly with other Edtech software.

Secure, Flexible, & Scalable

Q-Ed offers a solution that provides the flexibility to meet your demands, is scalable as you expand and secure as you expect.

Configurable for Your Specific Needs

Add fields and pages, and extend tables to collect any data you need. Utilize flexible scheduling, attendance, grading, calendaring, and more.

Join a Large Support Community

Collaborate with a worldwide community of engaged users through forums, videos, and online and in-person groups and training events.

Simplify State Compliance Reporting

Use pre-built reports or easily build your own. Confidently submit state or provincial reporting knowing PowerSchool keeps up with regulation changes.

Increase Real-Time Engagement

Offer convenient access to grades, progress, and responsibilities through the Q-Ed Mobile App or online parent and student portals.

Provide Peace of Mind with Secure Data

Keep your data safe with a dedicated security team, ISO 27001:2013 certification, annual SOC 2 compliance audits, and Google cloud hosting.

Improve Connectivity Between Core Systems

Q-Ed modules are interoperable with other Q-Ed solutions and network partners for wide scale compatibility.


Yes, each module can be activated separately. All the modules are integrated seamlessly into each other. When you activate an additional module there is no new installation needed, its just a switch of the button.

Q-ed can support multiple districts and multiple scholing methodologies on one instance of the applications. This makes it a great solution for networks or publishing companies that want to offer a standardized software solution.

Our modular platform allows for customization per school. Each school can be set up with the modules they require and customize the way they use each module. Flexibility is one of the major advantageous of Q-Ed.

Q-Ed software has been launched commercially in 2012 under the Questi branding in Belgium. It is currently used by over 800 schools in multiple countries, covering multiple educational networks, large number of districts. Schools that use the software include Catholic schools, private international schools, Montessori schools, Freinet schools, rural schools, city districts, …

English, French, Spanish and Dutch our available out of the box. Additional languages can easily be added.

Q-Ed supports protocols and standards adopted by the industry like OneRoster, LTI, xAPI, …

Most of Q-Ed is developed in a proprietary PHP framework. For bespoke development we also support other development languages, frameworks and technologies.