SSO and Roster Synchronization

General description:

Q-Ed is the glue between your applications. Delegate authentication and security to Q-Ed for a more seamless experience. Roster information is synched between your administration platform and your other educational software applications

Solution for: Administration, Teachers, Students

Single sign on:

Strengthen data security while you improve access to digital apps and resources with the Q-Ed SSO module, a single sign-on (SSO) solution built for education. Q-Ed provides quick SSO access to a personalized portal of digital apps and resources while protecting sensitive data with secure Multi-Factor Authentication. Whether using a mobile or web application at, Q-Ed delivers secure access to all your digital resources across your institutions.

Roster synchronization: 

Deliver class rosters to all of your digital learning resources instantly and securely using open data standards. Share class roster data with all your edtech vendors using a common, open standard — OneRoster®. Easily export data from your Student Information System, and maintain your data within the security of a private rostering instance.